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Now that 2016 is over and we are in 2017, is your vehicle still eligible on the Uber platform. Vehicle transitioning is whereby the vehicle that you use for your Uber services becomes too old, aging out of the Uber system. The vehicle could be downgraded or removed permanently altogether, whereby you’ll no longer be able to drive for Uber with it. In order to drive, your vehicle has to at least qualify for UberX. I bet that you are now wondering how and when Uber works this out and below we are going to look into it, as well as what to do when the vehicle becomes too old for Uber. Uber transitioning is aimed at giving the passengers a consistent experience throughout whenever they use Uber services. Older vehicles tend to have more problems and could lack some of the luxuries that are offered by the newer ones. With technology evolving every single day, new things crop up daily. This is also good for the driver, because the newer vehicles seem to be more fuel efficient, and especially the hybrids.

In order to prevent vehicles from becoming too old, Uber updates its vehicle requirements annually. This means that if their update shows vehicles manufactured in 2008 and yours was manufactured in 2007, you are downgraded to a lower level. The vehicle undergoes transitioning and if it is older, it could be removed from the platform altogether. This means that you will no longer be able to drive the vehicle for UberX services. Below, we are going to take a look at how the transitioning happens;


Before Transition After Transition
Uber X

Uber XL

Removed off the Uber platform
UberSelect UberX
UberSUV UberXL
UberBlack UberSelect
UberLUX UberBlack



Many of the drivers have no idea what the vehicle requirements are, and the transitioning might come as a shocker. They peg the transition based on the year of manufacture of the vehicle. You should also note that your car can be in mint condition and you probably have 5-star rating for 1,000 plus rides, but the moment that it qualifies for transition, there is nothing you can do. Uber are very strict about this. The big question is, what do you do if your vehicle is transitioned off the Uber platform?

The only option that you would have would be to get a newer vehicle to use. When getting the new vehicle, you want to make sure that it is way newer than the actual age set by Uber to begin using their services. If their set year is 2006, buy a vehicle that was manufacture in 2010, this way, it will be a very long time before it is transitioned. Whenever you receive an email from Uber, it is important that you scrutinise all the details very closely. You will notice that Uber begins sending the transition warnings begin well in advance, giving you several months to upgrade your vehicle. Buying a new car can be very pricey, but there are several companies that offer financing for new and used vehicles. The interest rates are very competitive and the payments flexible.



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