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With an annual revenue of 1.5 billion USD as of 2015, and operating in more than 536 cities, Uber is becoming one of the most powerful transportation companies in the world. Employing more than 6,700 people and offering driving opportunities to even more, more people are realizing that they can earn extra income by becoming a driver…and that includes stars.


According to a report from News Corp Australia in early January 2017, 28-year-old Australian Idol winner, Casey Donovan, has revealed that she is working part time as an Uber driver in order to supplement the income she receives as an actor and a singer.


Who is Casey Donovan?


Born 13th May 1988, in New South Wales, Ausralia, Casey Donovan is a guitarist and vocalist who has been performing since 2004, when she transferred to the Australian Institute of Music. That same year, her father encouraged her to apply for Australian Idol, which was in its second season.


After getting past the audition stages, Donovan received regular praise for her vocal performances, but wasn’t considered a favorite to win the whole competition. She was, however, the first candidate of the season to make it through to the 2004 final competition, where she eventually went up against – and beat – Anthony Callea.


Since then, Donovan has gone on to receive five Platinum record accreditations.


Donovan’s New Uber Job


In the News Corp Australia report, Donovan says:

“I’ve been recognized a few times…I get paired with a lot of women when driving and some of them have been quite excited. I’ve been asked to sing…I find it funny. Some people want to chat and others are cool to just sit back in the quiet. I go with the flow and it is nice to meet people and hear their stories.”

Not only is Donovan using Uber to supplement her income, she says it is also helping with her musical career, allowing her to draw inspiration from the people she meets and her experiences with them. She says:

“I write music about my own experience and other people’s, so being on the road meeting all these people is really inspiring…One woman I drove was in her mid-20s and she was talking about breaking up with her boyfriend – that’s something we all relate to. It’s normal stuff like taking someone to a Tinder date – there have been a few.”

The singer says that she started using Uber after she saw an advert on a billboard, and realized that it could be a way of supplementing her income. She says she did everything online through the app, following the rules, and then just turned up to an Uber hub where she was able to have her car checked and get driving.


With so many people turning to services like Uber to make money on their own watch, it goes to show that the world economy is changing and how we work is no longer black and white.


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