How to Become an Uber Driver in Pakistan and earn thousands


Drivers and vehicle owners in Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan, now have a reason to smile because Uber is now there. They now have the opportunity to make money on the Uber platform by either driving, hiring out their vehicles and also referring both drivers and riders to the service.


The first step to making this money is to sign up and create a user account on the Uber platform.


Documents Required to Drive for Uber


  • A photo of you (a clear headshot)
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Vehicle insurance document
  • CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) This will be verified by Uber
  • Ensure the vehicle registration number is listed
  • All the documents above must clearly show a valid expiration date
  • Provide character certificate, signed by police station and other authorities
  • Social referral certificates (Written by a non-relative, preferably a previous boss)




You can upload the documents onto the Uber platform through your profile. Uber will then verify the documents and a background check will be initiated. You’ll also go an anti-sexual harassment before you’re approved.


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Requirements for Uber Vehicles in Pakistan


Common Requirements:


  • Model Year: Must be manufactured after year 2007
  • No Cosmetic damage
  • No commercial branding
  • No large passenger vans or commercial/Heavy Duty trucks
  • Vehicle insurance cover
  • Pass the Uber screening test


Become an Uber Driver


All the necessary documents for the vehicle can be uploaded onto the Uber profile so that Uber officials can verify them. Once approved, you’ll also receive an Uber-issued cell phone which will have the Uber application installed on it to allow you receive ride requests. However, if you wish to use your own smart phone, it is perfectly fine to return the cell phone.




Most newer cars qualify to drive with uberGO, the most popular vehicle option for riders in Pakistan.


Additional requirements


  • Engine capacity: Any car with an engine capacity of 600cc or greater
  • Body Style: Any body style with 4 full, independently opening doors
  • Seating: Must have seats AND seat belts for the driver and 4 passengers
  • No cosmetic damage or missing pieces
  • No full-sized vans or trucks
  • No commercial branding
  • Cars model year 2001 or newer qualify to drive with UberGO


Popular UberGO vehicles:


  • Toyota – Corolla, Vitz, Prius, Passo, Belta, Aqua, Yaris
  • Suzuki – Cultus, Wagon R, Mehran, Swift, Alto, Liana, Every
  • Hyundai – Santro
  • Honda – City, Civic, Life, Fit
  • Daihatsu – Move, Mira, Hijet





Rickshaws that seat at least three riders. Nearly all 4-stroke CNG rickshaws qualify.


Additional requirements


  • Engine capacity: Any rickshaw with a 4 stroke CNG engine
  • Seating: Must have seats AND seat belts for the driver and 3 passengers
  • No cosmetic damage or missing pieces
  • Rickshaws model year 2001 or newer qualify to drive with UberAUTO


Popular UberAUTO vehicles:


  • New Asia – 4-Stroke CNG Rickshaw
  • Sazgar – 4-Stroke CNG Rickshaw
  • Rozgar – 4-Stroke CNG Rickshaw
  • Tezraftar – 4-Stroke CNG Rickshaw
  • Meezan – 4-Stroke CNG Rickshaw
  • Siwa – 4-Stroke CNG Rickshaw
  • DS Motors – 4-Stroke CNG Rickshaw


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The Uber App


The Uber app is a must have for all Uber users since all the Uber operations depend on it.


All Uber users, riders and drivers alike, must download the Uber app onto their smart devices. This is because all the Uber services are accessed through the app as shown below:


  • Receive rider requests through notifications
  • Inbuilt GPS map to follow convenient routes to destinations for driver convenience
  • Track down the history of the rides
  • Track down finances
  • Rate riders
  • In cases of danger, it is easy for Uber to track down the routes used during the rides with the help of a GPS
  • Disputes are easily tracked down, and especially those involving routes


Possible Earnings


It is impossible for one to determine what individual Uber drivers earn. This is because they do not earn the same, depending on the time they drive, the amount of time they drive for, where they drive, and the techniques they use to maximise rides.


Uber Income Calculator


Full time drivers earn a pretty decent income, and especially when they take advantage of surge fare regions.



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