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Rideshare driving is something that has gained popularity in recent times, and people are scrambling to become rideshare drivers. It is however, very important for them to choose the best option from the various companies that offer the services. In this article, we are going to find out the benefits when it comes to Uber versus the other taxi companies. Uber and Lyft are probably the ones that dominate the market with Uber having the upper hand with the most pick-ups. As they say, the competition between the different taxi companies is a good thing for the drivers since the companies strive to give the best services.



Job Opportunities


Jobs are created for both Uber and taxi drivers. Uber goes the extra mile to create jobs for other companies such as limo services. You might own several limousines but cannot seem to find the right clientele. With Uber, the clientele look for the service and request it in the app. Uber gladly accepts your limo services if the limousines meet their standards. In short, there is no more hunting for passengers, Uber brings them to you.



Car Dealer Relationships


This is one of the biggest advantages of Uber over the other taxi companies. Uber has teamed up with some car dealerships to offer their drivers cars for sale or hire at special rates. Uber has also teamed up with various insurance companies and vehicle repair workshops to also offer their drivers incentives. All of these are aimed at reducing to cost that the drivers face with their vehicles.



Higher Profits


Drivers tend to make more profits when they drive for Uber. This is because Uber offers very low fares as compared to other taxi companies, therefore attracting more riders. The main reason for the drivers joining Uber is to turn profits as they ride, and this reason makes Uber the better option for them.





As a regular taxi driver, you would probably pick up anyone that calls for a ride. This could prove to be quite risky because you know nothing about the riders. They could carjack you, rob you or harm you in some way. This is not the case for those that drive for Uber. This is because Uber takes the time to study the riders the moment that they sign up. They get credit card details as well as contacts, bringing about a safer feeling for the drivers during the rides. This also works the other way around, as Uber collects the driver’s information in their account profiles.

Something else that makes Uber safer than the other taxi companies is the fact that you have got to be online on your app when you are working. This way, Uber will always have an idea of where you are at all times. If you were to disappear off the face of the earth, it would be easy for Uber to track your movements.

There are some critics, however, who argue that some of the other taxis are also safe since they come with features like security camera systems installed in the vehicles to protect both the drivers and the riders.



No Time Wastage


Driving for regular taxi companies, the driver can find themselves driving around aimlessly as they look for passengers. This is a total wastage of time and fuel on the driver’s part. Uber uses an app whereby, the drivers nearest to a rider are located. You only need to drive when a rider requests a ride. This means that you’ll go directly to where the rider is and drop them off at their destination. You won’t be driving through every street and alley looking for riders.



Cashless Payment


Gone are the days when you would start squabbling with riders over the fare and then having a hard time looking for change. There are also cases in some countries where riders offer fake currencies to drivers for the ride, and this could land you in jail. Unlike other taxi companies, you don’t collect the fares from the riders. Uber does that for you, collecting the payments from the riders. The fares for each ride that you make will reflect in your app, making it easy to track, and you can withdraw the money any time that you want.



Better Passenger Experience


After every ride, both the driver and the rider can rate each other in the Uber app. In the case that you had a bad experience with certain riders, you can always give them a bad rating and explain why. Uber takes this very seriously and once investigations are done, they can deactivate the riders accounts. This means that you won’t be putting up with bad experiences very often. The bad riders will be sieved out by Uber.



Easy Dispute Resolution


As an Uber driver, for every ride that you make, the passenger gets a receipt. The receipt includes details such as the GPS map of the route taken and the timings. This means that if a rider claims that the driver took a long or wrong route, such disputes are easily resolved.



Foreign Language Barrier


Foreign language barrier happens when someone that does not understand the driver’s language boards their vehicle. For the regular taxi, the passenger would explain to you their destination and you would have a hard time understanding them. In the case of Uber driver’s, there is no need to worry. That is because you and the passengers do not have to talk. All that you have to do is to follow the directions in the app and drop the rider off where they are going. You also won’t have the trouble of trying to explain to the rider how much he is supposed to pay. Uber takes care of that in the app.




Tipping is probably a disadvantage for Uber drivers. With the regular taxi services, passengers are allowed to tip the drivers, giving them a little something extra. With Uber, riders are discouraged from tipping drivers.


We could go on and on but those are some of the main benefits of ridesharing, Uber versus other taxis.



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