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The first step to joining Uber as a driver in New Zealand is to sign up. To become an Uber partner in New Zealand, however, you need to be licensed by NZTA since you will be operating as a private car hire. You’ll also need a passenger endorsement that includes a police background check.



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Vehicle Requirements

For your vehicle, it is a must that you have the documents below:



Required Driver Documents, their Cost and Durations

Below are the documents that you’ll need to become an Uber partner:


  • New Zealand Driver’s License
  • P Endorsement that is a license for hire. This will cost approximately Approx. $500 for the P endorsement course, $160 for 1 year license, $70 for a medical certificate
  • Completed this Application for Endorsement Form
  • Have a Medical certificate, that is a P endorsement for carrying passengers
  • Police background check
  • Passenger service license, and this will cost $470 for the license (including police vetting), $150 for the Certificate of knowledge of law and practice book and exam
  • Private hire registration

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New Zealand Driver’s License


It is a must for you to have a driver’s license and to have held it for at least 2 years in order to qualify for passenger endorsement. Follow this link to find out more about the driver’s license.


P Endorsement


In order to carry passengers for hire or reward, all applicants will need to have this license. This could include driving passengers during parties like ceremonies. The requirements for the P Endorsement are as below:




Once you have all of these documents, you should take them to the Transport Agency Licensing Agent, armed with a valid driver’s license and a utility bill with your address on it, to prove it. Please note that those in Wellington can go to Drive Wright for their P endorsement courses.



Cost and Duration


  • $500 for the P endorsement course
  • $160 for 1 year license
  • $70 for a medical certificate
  • 2 days forms and testing time during course


Processing time – 6-8 weeks. This is to complete the fit and proper persons check

Passenger Service License


If you are operating a commercial passenger service, it is a must for you to get the Passenger Service License. It could either be you to own the license, or in the case that you’re driving for someone, they should own one. There are some requirements in order for you to get this license, and I have listed them below:


  1. Fill out the ‘Applying for a passenger service license form
  2. You’ll be required to have a Certificate of Knowledge of law and practice


Cost and Duration


  • $470 for the license (including police vetting)
  • $150 for the Certificate of knowledge of law and practice book and exam
  • Forms and testing time 3-hour test
  • 6-8 Weeks: Processing time to finish the fit and proper persons check

Private Hire Service Registration


Aside from the Passenger Service License, you’ll also need a Private Hire Service Registration that is used for a Private Hire Vehicle. The Private Hire Service registration is associated with a PSL. This means that the TSL number and Private Hire Service Registration number have to match. You can also operate under your employer’s license. Fill out this form if you need one.


Cost and duration

  • $470 for the license (including police vetting)
  • $150 for the Certificate of knowledge of law and practice book plus exam
  • 3-hour test
  • 6-8 weeks processing time to complete the fit and proper persons check


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