Everyone is talking about driving for Uber Melbourne as a side hustle or doing it full time  but in a flexible job that you start and finish when you want. According to Uber, the definition of Uber is a ride-sharing app that connects riders with drivers at the touch of a button. Below is some relevant information to get you started on your journey as an Uber Melbourne driver in  Victoria.

By joining to drive for Uber Melbourne you will be one of many drivers in Melbourne enjoying the flexibility of Uber.

  • With Uber Melbourne you have the choice of when and where you drive, in the comfort of your own car or rental car if you don’t own one
  • You are guaranteed of being paid weekly, usually every Tuesday but this may vary at any time depending on Uber
  • You are your own boss and have no-one looking over your shoulder


How Much do Melbourne Uber Drivers Make?

The average Uber driver makes between $20-$45 /hr depending on which product they drive i.e UberX, UberXL, UberBlack. UberLux or UberTaxi. Some drivers like Chris can make upto $3,000 /wk however, we cannot guarantee this as some drivers struggle to make $700/wk. The are some who reckon the average Uber driver is making $600/week. This is based on an average trip being $17.50 and obtaining 2 trips per hour which then equates to $35/hr and if one did 40 hrs per week this would be $72,800 per year.


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Note that  It all depends on when you drive, where you drive and what tips and tricks you have up your sleeve that others don’t have. If you are thinking of doing Uber full time, we recommend you first try it out part-time and see if this is viable and fits in with the lifestyle that you want. If you do not have a complying vehicle, its advisable you rent or borrow one and trial driving for Uber before committing to buy one.

We have an Uber Income Calculator below that helps you estimate how much you can potentially make as an Uber Driver in Melbourne Victoria.


Uber Income Calculator



Fare Estimates to Popular Destinations in Melbourne


Desitnation UberX UberBlack
Melbourne Airport to Docklands $35-45 $83-107
Queen Victoria Markets to Richmond $18-22 $42-52
MCG to Chadstone $24-31 $57-72
Melbourne Central Station to Essendon $16-22 $46-59



Minimum Driver Signup Requirements


  • One needs to be at least 21 years old
  • Be a holder of a full Victorian Drivers’ licence for at least 12 months
  • If you hold an Interstate Licence you’ll need to convert it to Victorian Licence
  • Driver history requirements:
    • Have no licence suspensions or extended demerit point periods’ (formerly called ‘conditional bonds’) in the past 3 years
    • Have no drug or alcohol infractions in the past 10 years
  • Police record requirements:
    • You should have no offences on your police record (unless a DUI greater than 10 years ago or traffic offence greater than 3 years ago – maximum 1 of either allowed)


Sign-up process


The signup process involve the following simple steps:


1. Signup


Create your driver profile on the link below






2. Submit Documents


You’ll be required to submit the following documents online via your partner dashboard

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Identification documents  ( passport or birth certificate)
  • Car Insurance certificate.


3. Background Checks


Uber will conduct a background check on your criminal history and this may take up to 2 weeks.

During this process you are not required to do anything.

Whilst you wait for the background checks it’s advisable to start preparing to drive as soon as you get approval. There are tools that one will require as a rideshare driver and these can be found at where they have driver kits ready made for uber drivers.




Whilst you are waiting for the background checks you can also plan on how many hours you’ll drive and estimate how much income you’ll make. Below is a calculator prepared for you to help estimate how much you’ll make based on the hours you’ll do and also calculate your estimated GST payments as all Uber fares include a GST component that drivers need to collect.


Uber Income Calculator



4. Free Vehicle Inspection


Once the background checks are done, Uber will invite you to complete a FREE vehicle inspection to ensure your vehicle is safe and road worthy as the safety of Riders and Drivers is paramount..

Generally Uber will email you with details on how and where to get your vehicle inspected.

Once this is done you’ll be ready to ‘HIT THE FROG & TOAD’


Uberdriver vehicle check ezydriver




  • Your vehicle must not be older than 9 years old (2007 models upwards)
  • Have 4 or more doors
  • Must have seats AND seat belts for 4 passengers
  • Should not have any decals, commercial branding or taxi colour paint jobs
  • Must not have been previously licenced as a taxi
  • Must pass a vehicle inspection by one of Uber’s approved third-party providers.
  • Uber reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend these Vehicle Requirements and/or the list of Accepted Vehicles at any time.


Ready to Sign-up?

To sign-up and create a driver-partner profile, click below to get started:?


The original Uber (this was actually the very first car service that Uber had to oer

UberBLACK connects riders with professional hire car drivers for a 5-star transportation experience; and UberBLACK driver-partners may be self-employed, or drive as an employee of another UberBLACK driver-partner. UberBLACK is very similar to the basic car-service option (UberX) — however, it is a major step up in terms of luxury and exclusivity.

Hire car drivers signing-up for UberBLACK are required to meeting the following driver-partner requirements if:

Driving another driver-partner’s vehicle:

  • A full Victorian drivers’ licence
  • A valid ‘Hire Car’ driver accreditation certificate

Driving your own car:

  • A full Victorian drivers’ licence
  • A valid ‘Hire Car’ driver accreditation certificate
  • A Commercial insurance certificate
  • Ownership of a Metropolitan Hire Car licence (i.e. VHA/VHB Plates)

Note: You must be able to supply each of these licences/documents whilst signing-up in person.



Driver-partner’s vehicle will also need to meet vehicle requirements listed below which includes make, model and year. If you intend to purchase a new vehicle, please chat to the Uber Melbourne team prior to doing so.

Vehicle Colour

Black   Grey   Silver
Vehicle Make
Audi A8




BMW 5-series




Chrysler 300 2011
Holden Caprice 2011
Jaguar XF




Lexus ES






Mercedes E-Class









UberEATS is all about delivery food from your local restaurants to riders in a revolutionary way. The Rider will order a meal through the Uber app and UberEATS will deliver the meal.

To sign-up to become an UberEATS delivery partner, see below:


  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Holder of a full Victorian
  • driver’s licence
  • Must Pass a background check
  • Must Pass driving history check


  • No older than 2001 or newer
  • Minimum Vehicle insurance (3rd party or higher)
  • Currently Registered in Victoria



  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Victorian driver’s licence is a prerequisite (probationary or full)


  • Must have Vehicle insurance (3rd party or higher)
  • Currently Registered in Victoria



  • Rider must be at 18 years or older
  • You should Pass the Uber background check
  • Must be able to ride a bicycle in Melbourne


  • A working bicycle is all you need








If you incur Toll expenses  whilst you have a rider is in the car Uber will reimburse the driver.

Once you cross a toll your phone GPS will record that you have gone through a toll and will add it to the fare.

It is recommend to keep a record of trips that incur tolls and reconcile this against your payment at the end of the week.

Uber will not pay for tolls crossed whilst there is no passenger on board.





Melbourne Airport also known as Tullamarine Airport (IATA: MEL, ICAO: YMML)


Currently uberX/uberASSIST are only allowed to do drop offs at the airport , however UberBlack is allowed to do pickups within the terminal facilities. Uber and other experienced driver recommend that once you drop off a rider at the airport head down Bell St & Nicholson St and you are likely to receive a trip request on your way back.

For the UberBlack drivers at the airport there is a waiting zone similar to a taxi rank which is located at the corner of Melrose Drive and Francis Briggs Rd. For you to receive request you must be located in this zone.

Once the request is accepted check which terminal the request is for and head towards the rider using your GPS navigation or just head to the terminal if you are familiar with the airport. Please note that there are 4 terminals at Melbourne Airport, so its of paramount importance you head to the correct terminal.

Note that if a rider cancels the request whilst you are driving to the  pick-up zone, your place in the queue will  be maintained and you’ll receive the next trip request once you re-enter the Waiting Zone.


How do i join the virtual queue?

All you need to do is drive your car into the Waiting Zone and you automatically join the queue.

When is the driver’s wait time in the waiting zone not reset?

  • When a rider cancels a trip and you return to the Waiting Zone to receive the next trip request


A driver’s position in the virtual queue is lost when?

  • You Reject a trip request
  • If End or cancel a trip
  • When you go offline


Will I be reimbursed for parking?

Uber does not reimburse any parking fees you may incur at the airport.


Avalon Airport


When dropping off or picking up passangers Avalon Airport, just simply drop them and pick them up at the designated areas at the airport.


If you intend to wait for passangers , simply go the the waiting zone for Uber.


What are the Peak Periods for Uber Melbourne?


Below is some data collected by Uber to show the trends of Uber Trips recorded over time.


Melbourne Uber Peak Periods


Melbourne Uber Data 3


What are the expenses you encounter as an Uber Driver?

  • Fuel
  • Tolls (Whilst on trips these are refunded bu Uber)
  • Car Insurance
  • Vehicle Licence Registration (Depending on State, you may be required to pay for a special licence)
  • Phone Plan
  • Car Maintenance
  • Water & Mints


What if My Vehicle Does Not Meet UberX Requirements


It is not the end of the world if your vehicle does not meet UberX minimum requirements. Another option is to try driving for UberEats, you are able to use an older vehicle to deliver food as an Uber Partner or even use a scooter or bicycle if your fitness level can match.

Another option you can do is hire a rental car for Uber or simply purchase a new vehicle or second hand vehicle that is accepted. Please do your due diligence before committing to purchase a vehicle for driving as an Uber Driver


Selecting which Uber Service to drive for in Sydney


When it comes to choosing which product of Uber to  drive, there are some factors to consider. In Sydney the available products are UberX,  UberBlack and UberEATS .


UberX  is the bottom of the Uber products and usually the common day to day 4 door vehicles such as a Toyota Corrolla, Camry, Yaris, Honda Accord, Civic, Ford Falcon, Mondeo, Focus; Hundai i40, 120, Elantra, Sonata, Mazda 3, 6, 2, CX5,Holden Cruz, Malibu, Comodore etc. UberX is the most popular and most requested of the Uber brand but has the lowest rates and most competed by Drivers due to the ease of entry requirements. We recommend starting with this product if you are not sure which product to drive for.



Base Fare:  $2.50 Per Minute:  $0.40
Per Kilometre:  $1.45 Minimum Fare:  $8.00
Cancellation Fee:  $10.00

If you want to go more luxurious the next tier would be the UberBlack cars.

UberBLACK was the very first car service that Uber offered and is essentially the luxury version of UberX. With UberBlack you arrive at your destination in style with a black-on-black luxury sedan with leather interior and superb comfort. This service also comes at a higher price than UberX.




Base Fare:  $10.00 Minimum Fare:  $25.00
Per Minute:  $0.80 Cancellation Fee:  $10.00
Per Kilometre:  $2.40



The above vehicle rates may look attractive and you might be thinking of driving for these, please note that these service vehicles are highly expensive and are not frequently used by the ordinary person on the street. However if your vehicle qualifies for these high grade products, you can also driver in the lower categories which gives you the advantage of switching between products.


Nice to Know Facts & FAQ


  1. I want to become an Uber driver in Australia, what costs should I expect?

A: Uber is like any other business, you’ll have running expenses such as, fuel, insurance, and cost of mobile phone plan, vehicle maintenance, and car registration. You’ll also have some upfront costs such as Medicals and police clearance before you can start driving.


  1. Do I need an ABN?

Yes according to Uber, you are a contractor not an employee, so you must operate under an Australian Business Number (ABN) which you can register for here.

You will also be required to register for GST even if you are going to be earning less than $75,000. ATO requires all rideshare drivers to be registered for GST and you’ll be required to remit all GST collected. All Uber fares include 10% GST even though Uber itself does not pay GST as it’s not an Australian Registered Business. To help you estimate the likely payable GST we have a calculator to help.

It is also recommended to open a separate bank account so not to mix business income with personal funds.


  1. I’m on a 457 Visa, can I driver for Uber?

NO, according to your visa conditions you make not drive for Uber


  1. I’m an International student can I drive for Uber?

Yes as long as you’ve held a full NSW driver’s licence for longer than 12 months


  1. Can I drive with P-Plates?

No, you may not drive for Uber with P-Plates. You need to have held a NSW full licence for at least 1 year.


  1. How much is the Uber Fees?

Uber charges its old drivers 20% for every fare and 25% for all new drivers. No, you may not negotiate to vary this rate.


  1. If I drive for Uber in another state, can I drive in NSW?

No, you may not driver for Uber NSW if you are registered in another state.


  1. Can I drive for Uber with an Interstate Driver’s Licence?

No, you will have to convert the licence to NSW


  1. I have a full licence from overseas, can I drive?

First you need to convert to a NSW licence and have held a full NSW licence for 12 months.


  1. Can I drive under someone else’s driver profile?

No that is not allow and is considered fraudulent behaviour of impersonation


  1. I have a previous criminal conviction, can I drive for Uber?

Sorry, No you may not.


  1. How do I submit my BAS?

Once you register for GST, you elect which reporting periods you’ll follow. You can submit monthly, quarterly or annually. Please speak to your account for guidance and each person’s circumstance differs. You may either do the submission yourself or submit through a tax agent.





Melbourne Uber Location

64 Gwynne St, Cremorne VIC 3121

  • 10am–6pm
  • 10am–6pm
  • 10am–6pm
  • 10am–6pm
  • 10am–4pm
  • Closed
  • 10am–6pm



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