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Sign Up and Create a Profile


Do you own a vehicle and would like to drive for Uber Kenya? If the answer to that question is yes, then the first step is to sign up and create an account with Uber. We are going to look at all the requirements that you’ll need for you and your car to join the Uber family. Below are the requirements that a new driver must have if they are to join Uber:



  • Phone number and email address
  • National identity card
  • Tax PIN Certificate
  • PSV (public service vehicle) driving license
  • Regular (non-PSV) driving license



When you’re signing up, you’ll be required to upload all of those documents through your new user account. It is very important to ensure that all the details are up to date for the process to flow smoothly. As you are signing up, there will be three options for you to choose from, namely:



  1. Driving
  2. You: Currently don’t have access to a vehicle
  3. You Want: To be employed as a driver by one of Uber’s partners and drive on the Uber platform


Upload Documents


You will choose the option that you want, and then the next stage from there will be to upload the documents that we had mentioned above. You can scan the documents or put them close together and take a high-resolution photo. If you will be driving your own vehicle, there are also a couple of requirements that the vehicle must meet as below:


First off, you should note that the vehicle will have to be 2008 or newer, and it has to be a 4-door car. No hatchbacks are allowed.

Document Requirements for Vehicle and Driver



You will also need to have the following vehicle documents, motor vehicle log book, the PSV insurance and the vehicle inspection report.



    • Motor vehicle registration book
    •  PSV Insurance
    • Vehicle inspection report



The correct driver documents will come next, and these are your national identity card, Kenya Revenue Authority Tax PIN certificate, your PSV driving license as well as your driving license.



    • National identity card
    •  Tax PIN Certificate
    • PSV driving license
    • Regular (non-PSV) driving license



In the event that you are a company, you will need to have the following documents, the certificate of incorporation, the Tax PIN certificate and the business permit.



    • Certificate of incorporation or registration
    • Tax PIN certificate(s)
    • Business Permit



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Background Check


Now that you have all of your documents in place, you will need to go for a background check and screening, and this can be done at:


  • Trendset Agencies Ltd., 4th Floor, Coffee House Plaza at a cost of Ksh. 2,000.
  • Castor Vali, 2nd floor, Mirage Building, Waiyaki Way at a cost of Ksh. 2,400.
  • Arope Limited, 5th floor, Vedic House, Mama Ngina Street.
  • Peleza services, 2nd Floor, New Waumini House, Waiyaki Way, 9am – 2pm at a cost of Ksh. 2,400



Both of these companies can be paid in cash or via Mpesa mobile money transfer. You will have to already have an Uber profile and have uploaded the necessary documents for you to be legible for screening. You will be invited for screening via SMS by one of the vendors. Your Police Clearance Form will have to be less than 3 years old or else you will need to go to the Nairobi CID headquarters for a new PCC form. The cost of a new PCC form is Ksh. 1,000. When going for the screening and background check, ensure that you carry along your PCC receipt, National ID, PSV license and your driving license. The results take approximately a week to be done and if you pass, you will be notified that you’re now ready to drive and make money. Kindly note that Uber does not cover any of the costs of your screening and background check as well as your PCC when you’re joining.



Download the Uber App



You will also need to own either an android or iPhone device because the app relies on its app. It is through the app that you will be able to keep track of everything. These will include locating rider hotspots, receiving rider requests, the map that will show you the shortest and safest routes to your destination and your finances. The devices should be mid-range and above. The low-end smartphone or tablet devices as well as some of the fake Chinese devices might not work as expected and will not be allowed.




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