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Step 1: What is Uber?

Uber is a technology company in San Francisco which offers the Uber mobile app that connects riders with drivers by submitting a trip request, which is sent to an Uber driver nearest to the rider and notifying the driver of the rider’s location. Once accepted the driver will go pick up the rider and take him/her to their requested destination using the driver’s personal car. The app automatically calculates the optimal navigation route for the driver, calculates the distance and fare, and will transfer the fare payment to the driver, without any exchange of hard cash.


Step 2: Registering as an Uber  Rider / Passenger


Driver Signup


Uber is a convenient, cheaper and safer than traditional taxi service. All you do is put your request through the app by simply pressing a button without the need to call a call centre to make a taxi booking. The closets driver is usually at your pickup location within minutes and in busy popular areas it can be a matter of seconds. Not only is it on-demand car service, but  the app gives you the ability to track driver via GPS en-route to pick you up.

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Step 3: Registering as an Driver


Driving for Uber enables one to receive an exceptional wage with the flexibility of starting when you want and knocking off as you feel making you your own boss. You use your own car so long it meets the minimum requirements for your city. Uber has different tiers that you may drive for depending on your vehicle make and age; UberX, UberXL, UberBlack, UberSelect, UberSUV, UberLux, UberPool, UberEats, UberAssit


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Once you’ve downloaded the app and registered you are then ready to start using the App.

Simply login and enter your pickup location or let the GPS locate you automatically


Step 4 : Estimate the Uber Fare


We have developed a calculator that can assist you calculate how much you’ll likely pay for your next trip. This calculator also has functionality to compare the different Uber products in your city i.e UberX vs UberBlack, UberXL, UberSUV or UberLux so that you maybe able to travel and arrive in the style and luxury appropriate for your occasion. We have also further developed this app such that we now have a function to compare Uber against the taxi cost is your city. This further enables you to have the ability to see whether Uber is cheaper than a taxi even when there is a surge or choose the cheaper option at the time.

Click below to estimate your next Uber Fare


Uber-v-Taxi fare estimator calculator australia ezydriver




Step 5: Uber Ride Experience


The Uber experience is a must have for anyone that travels with public transport such as taxi , train or bus. The convenience of Uber is unmatched and that’s why its seen as a disrupter in the taxi industry. The first thing that impressed us on our first Uber trip was the fact that it was a cashless transaction and there was no hassle of trying to pay by cash or using credit card.


Once the trip was finished Uber took the money from our registered credit card on the rider profile and it was easy as that. There is an option to rate the driver at the end of the trip and depending on your assessment of the journey you can rate him/her out of five with one star being the lowest.


The driver that picked us up was a local university student driving a Toyota Corolla. Once we were on our trip he offered us bottles of water and some mints which was a surprise for us as we didn’t expect such a service that you get in high end chauffeur vehicles. The car was neat and clean and smelt good which is far much better than the grumpy and rude local taxi drivers and their old cars.



Step 6 : Is It Worth Driving For Uber?


uber-drivers-sign-up-bonus ezydriver



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