How to Become an Uber Driver in Russia 2017

What is Uber and how does uber work in Russia?


Uber is a rideshare business that operates based on an app, connecting riders with drivers. A rider makes a request for a pickup via the app, a driver accepts the request and goes and picks up the rider and takes them to their desired destination.



How much do drivers earn working for uber?


Uber drivers are making money from driving their own vehicles, and here in Russia, some are known to make as much as 4,000 roubles per month.


It is not a guarantee that you can make the same amount because of factors such as the time that you drive, tactics that you use to get work, the parts of the city that you work in.


Calculate how much you can make driving for uber using this calculator below



Uber Income Calculator




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Uber Russia is currently operating actively in 16 Russian cities as listed below:


  1. Chelyabinsk
  2. Kazan
  3. Saint Petersburg
  4. Nizhny Novgorod
  5. Samara
  6. Omsk
  7. Sochi
  8. Ufa
  9. Ekaterinburg
  10. Krasnodar
  11. Perm
  12. Krasnoyarsk
  13. Rostov-On-Don
  14. Voronezh
  15. Novosibirsk
  16. Moscow


Sign Up




The first step to reaping rewards from Uber as a driver in Russia is to sign up. You can sign up using a friend’s referral link or you can go directly to Uber.




Uber Russia Driver Requirements



Now that you’ve signed up as an Uber driver/ partner, it is time for us to go through the driver requirements. There are minimum requirements that an Uber driver in Russia has to meet, and we have listed them down below:


  • One must be a Russian Federation citizen, and to confirm citizenship You need to be a Russian passport
  • Be 21 years of age and above, and have driven for at least three years
  • Must have a valid Russian Driver’s License class B front and back sides
  • Provide a no criminal record certificate, at least 30 days in advance


Uber also does background checks on all of its drivers to determine whether they have any criminal or traffic offence history..

Vehicle Requirements for Uber Russia


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The Vehicle requirements for Russian cities are listed below.


  1. Vehicle registration documents to prove that the vehicle has been registered.
  2. MTPL insurance certificate.
  3. Two photos of the vehicle, interior and exterior
  4. Vehicle should have to be four doored vehicles (car or minivan)

They must pass the Uber vehicle inspection


All the required documents for both the driver can be uploaded through your Uber account. Processing of the documents will take a day or two before an Uber representative gets back to you with the next step to take.


Depending on the type of Uber services that you would like to give, there are further vehicle requirements. Below are the different Uber services offered in Russia along with their requirements as well as their charges.


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uber_x_1 ezydriver


  • Vehicles with 4 doors
  • Must have been manufactured 2007 or newer
  • Excellent external and internal condition
  • A taxi license for the particular city


UberX are the most common uber cars in the services. They consist of four doored sedans that can carry a maximum of 5 people, including the driver.

Vehicle  need to be manufactured in 2007 or later and must come with Russian number plates. UberX consists of vehicles like the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Mitsubishi Lancer and the Nissan X-Trail amongst others.







  • Consists of class D and E vehicles
  • Must have four doors
  • Needs to be 2009 or newer
  • You must have a taxi license for the particular city
  • Excellent external and internal condition


This are entry level luxury four door cars that can sit five or more passengers. To qualify for UberSelect the vehicle must be 2009 or newer. The fares are more expensive than UberX and target people who like riding in style. Amongst the cars that are included in this category include the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Chevrolet Cruze and the Nissan Almera.




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  • These are luxury cars
  • Should have four doors
  • Be black in colour
  • An excellent internal and external condition is a must
  • Car needs to be no more than three years old, with the exception of the Mercedes Benz S Class. It must be in good condition to be accepted from 2008 or newer
  • A taxi license for the particular Russian city


Uber black offers professional chauffeur driven service with a few select cars permitted. The drivers need to have special permits or passes into the airports. The cars are black luxury sedans that target riders that afford the better things in life. UberBLACK vehicles can be sedans, semi-SUV’s and SUV’s, and they include vehicles like the Audi A7, Jaguar XF and the Mercedes Benz E class.





Below are some  estimated fares charged by Uber.


Sheremetyevo International Airport to СЗАО

UberX – RUB 700.00

UberBLACK – RUB 1,900.00


Sheremetyevo International Airport to/ from СВАО/ ЦАО/ ЗАО

UberX – RUB 850.00

UberBLACK – RUB 2,200.00



What is surge pricing?


Surge pricing happens when demand is greater than supply. Prices for rides will rise, and this allows the drivers to make more money while driving.


Uber App


Now that you have your vehicle and requirements in place, the next thing to do is to download the Uber app onto your smartphone or tablet. You can do this from either the Google Play store or the Apple store. This app comes complete with an inbuilt map to show you where to pick your riders, and where to drop them off. It also comes with all of your driving records and finances, meaning that you can keep track of all your payments.


Individual and Company Partnership


One can either choose to partner as a company or as an individual. If you have several cars, you can register as a company, where you can have different drivers driving those cars. You would have to create profiles for them on Uber, that they can work with. You can also drive when registered as a company.


As an individual, you register yourself and you’re the only one that can use your account or drive the registered vehicle.


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