Quick Easy Steps to Become an Uber Driver in India


There is no way that Uber could let the opportunity to launch in India pass, and they are now in 27 Indian cities. This has brought about a great opportunity for people to make money, and you shouldn’t be left out.


Hundreds of drivers and riders are making money driving for Uber, and the good thing is that it is not hard at all to join. The first step of the process is to sign up and create an account with Uber.


Uber Cities in India


Bangalore Ahmedabad Coimbatore
Delhi Kochi Indore
Mumbai Ajmer Mysore
Kolkata Udaipur Nagpur
Hyderabad Jodhpur Vishakapatnam
Chennai Surat Nashik
Pune Vadodara Thiruvananthapuram
Jaipur Bhubaneshwar Mangalore
Chandigarh Guwahati Bhopal


Requirements for Uber Drivers in India


    • A Driver’s License
    • A Delhi PSV badge or up-to-date Police Verification.
    • A vehicle RC – Registration Certificate
    • Two NOCs (No Objection Certificate -“A legal certificate issued by any agency, organization, institute or in certain cases, an individual, that does not object to the covenants of the certificate”)
    • A Cancelled Cheque.


Indian Drivers licence uber ezydriver




Uber Vehicle Requirements in India

Uberdriver vehicle check ezydriver

  • Models that are 2006 or newer, also depends on the type of service being offered
  • Functional seat belts where necessary
  • Reflector jackets and helmets where applicable
  • Must have 4 doors in the case of vehicles
  • Excellent mechanical and aesthetic conditions
  • Insurance as well as full name printed on the insurance of the vehicle is also required
  • Vehicles cannot be salvaged or rebuilt
  • Full sized vans are not allowed
  • Marked vehicles or taxis are not permitted


In the event that the driver does not own a vehicle, they can lease or borrow one from relatives or friends. They could also purchase one, but keep it within their financial constraints as long as it meets Uber standards.


uber driver sign up



Types of Uber Services in India


  • UberMOTO
  • UberX
  • UberGO
  • UberPOOL
  • UberXL




This is a fast and convenient way to get riders to their destinations using a motorcycle. It is the cheapest service in Uber India. Drivers get the most out of it especially during heavy traffic.




UberGO is a service that was introduced in India. It has fares that are lower than UberX and consists of a new range of low cost, chauffeur-driven hatchbacks such as the Etios Liva and Maruti Ritz. It comes at fares lower than an auto-rickshaw.




This is yet another new service that was introduced in India. It comes with the same fares as UberGO and is the most convenient service for your airport transfers.


It is the most convenient airport service and drivers will make a lot based on the number of travellers in India’s airports. They consist of vehicles like the Etios Liva and Maruti Ritz.





uber_x_1 ezydriver


This is Uber’s most used service across the globe, and this is because it is very affordable in all countries. It consists of cars, mainly 1600cc or less but not necessarily a must to be in that group.


The vehicles are cheap to maintain, meaning that drivers will have more money to themselves.


Examples of UberX vehicles include:


  • Nissan Maxima
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Accord
  • Ford Escort




UberPOOL is similar to the UberX service in terms of returns, the only difference being that riders going to the same destination get to share the vehicle and then split the cost amongst them. The rides might involve slight detours to pick riders along the way.


Examples of UberPOOL vehicles:


  • Nissan Maxima
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Accord
  • Ford Escort






UberXL is very similar to UberX, the only difference being that UberXL vehicles should carry up to six passengers in one go. They are ideal for small groups or families going out.


Examples of UberXL vehicles:


  • Toyota Highlander
  • Honda Odyssey


All the driver and vehicle documents can be uploaded onto the Uber profile for verification by Uber. The vehicles will be required to go for a quality check at an Uber authorized centre.



Uber App


All Uber users, riders and drivers alike, must download the Uber app onto their smart devices. This is because all the Uber services are accessed through the app as shown below:


  • Receive rider requests through notifications
  • Inbuilt GPS map to follow convenient routes to destinations for driver convenience
  • Track down the history of the rides
  • Track down finances
  • Rate riders
  • In cases of danger, it is easy for Uber to track down the routes used during the rides with the help of a GPS
  • Disputes are easily tracked down, and especially those involving routes



How Much Does an Uber Driver Earn?


It is very hard to tell how much an Uber driver earns. It depends on factors such as the time that they drive, their tactics at getting riders and for how long they drive. During peak hours, there are fare surges in certain parts of the cities, and this can be seen in the map.


Uber Income Calculator



uber-drivers-sign-up-bonus ezydriver



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