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Thinking of driving for Uber Brazil and want to know the requirements to get going? In Brazil, Uber operates in two of the main cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In order to enjoy the Uber services that are available in those cities, you have to first sign up and create an account. Once you have done that, you can enjoy their ride sharing services.

Uber have partnered with the owners of vehicles in Sao Paulo and Rio to offer you taxi services at competitive rates that cannot be matched by other taxi companies. Uber offers a solution by making the roads in the cities safer from reckless and drunken drivers, boosting the economy of the country. Uber also assists in making the streets less congested since people find it cheaper to take the rides other than drive themselves to destinations. Below are the services that are offered by Uber, and we will be going through each one of them. You’ll notice that with Uber, there is a car for every price.

 By registering to become a Uber partner driver you do not become an Uber employee. A contract is made between you and Uber as an independent contractor driver.



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Uber Brazil Driver Signup Requirements:


  • To signup you need to provide a photo of your CNH category B or higher with the remark “Exercise paid activity”.
  • Uber does not accept permission to drive, and require one to have permanent CNH
  • You need to pass the background checks of which Uber uses your CNH’s information to verify your eligibility to drive
  • Once approved, just send us a photo of your CRLV and go online.
  • Adding ‘EAR’ to your CNH (To be eligible to drive with Uber, you must add “Exercise Paid Activity” note in your National Driver’s License.)
  • If you do not have CNH, you can call the Detran of your State and ask to have this changed, which will require a psycho-technical examination and the issuance of a new CNH with the observation. The fees for this service vary from city to city and whether the exams are conducted at Detran itself or not.
  • Motor vehicle Insurance (policy of the type APP (Personal Accidents of Passengers))
  • You need to be a professional without a criminal record;
  • Be over 21 years of age;
  • Pass a psychological test;
  • Have a Smartphone.

Uber Brazil licence


How much does a Uber Brazil Drivers Earn?


Depending on how many hours you drive and whether you drive UberX, UberPool or UberBlack, the income will vary. The average UberX driver makes about R $ 2,000 per week. We have a very good calculator that you may use to help you estimate how much you are likely going to earn.


Uber Income Calculator



Uber Brazil Vehicle Options


Below are the vehicle service options that are offered by Uber in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo:

  • UberPool
  • UberX
  • UberBLACK

UberPOOL Brazil


UberPOOL is a service that is offered in both of the Brazilian cities, and it involves riders sharing a ride to the same destination and splitting the cost amonst themselves. Uber have come up with a smart way to match the riders going to a similar destination. When requesting the ride, a notification will be sent to you letting you know which corner to wait for the Uber driver. He will then pick you up and along the way, you might pick up more riders to fill the remaining seats.


On arrival, the driver will drop you off at a corner that is near your destination. The only catch with the UberPOOL is the fact that it might take slightly longer as the cab goes out of the way to pick other riders. The advantage with the cab picking you up at a corner is that it saves time during traffic. Uber makes sure that the corner meeting points are to your utmost convenience in conjunction with the traffic at hand.

How to Make an UberPOOL Request in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo


  • In the Uber app, scroll to the pickup area and select POOL
  • You’ll be notified of a nearby pickup corner, where the driver will pick you. As you drive, you may pick up other riders along the way
  • You’ll be dropped off at a corner near your destination. Kindly note that pickup and drop off corners are optimized for your convenience




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The vehicle requirements for driving Uber X are simple and as follows:

  • Car must be a model no older than 2008 year  of manufacture
  • Its must have 4 doors and 5 seats
  • All seats should have seat belts
  • Air conditioning is a must have

No self-adhesive cars are accepted, with red plate, pick-ups, vans and vans. No exceptions.

UberX consists of small cars such as the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. The cars all have 4 doors and fall in the low-cost pool. The mid-sized cars carry up to four people. These vehicles have engines of 1.6L and below and they can be of any colour. They include the Honda Odyssey. This is the cheapest of the rides that Uber has to offer in brazil and the fares cannot be matched by any other ride sharing company. In any of the Uber rides, you are allowed to bring one guest at a supplementary charge.


How to Request for Your UberX Ride


  • In your app, select the destination
  • Scroll to the Economy tab and make your request
  • Wait for your ride to arrive and take you to your destination





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This is the option for those that like rolling in luxury. It consists of high end cars like the Mercedes S class and the Jaguar XJ. This is the option for those that are out to impress their dates, or those that are going for important business dates. UberBLACK brings about a sense of respect when people see you in one of the cars.




 uber_suv ezydriver


UberSUV are very similar to UberBLACK, the only difference being that these luxury vehicles are SUV’s like the Toyota Prado Landcruiser. This are vehicles that can go through any sort of terrain while ensuring the comfort and luxury.


How to Request for an UberBLACK Ride

  • Enter your app and go to destination tab
  • As you choose your ride, scroll down to premium and then click on UberBLACK or UberSUV. Request your ride and wait
  • Your UberBLACK ride will be with you as shortly to take you to your destination


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What is the minimum number of hours required to work with Uber?

There is no set hours or times and the driver has the flexibility to work when and as they please. You start and finish when you want and even if you do one trip per month its all up to you.


Uber Fees


You are probably wondering what’s in it for Uber? Well for every Uber trip, Uber will take 20- 25% of the fare depending on your city.


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