How to Signup and Drive or Ride Uber in Paris France


The moment that you sign up for Uber, you will be ready to begin enjoying their services in Paris. Uber partnered with people that own vehicles in Paris, and now their ride sharing services are available there. Their services are available throughout Paris. It does not matter whether you want a low-cost ride or a luxury ride, Uber offers all of them to those in Paris at reasonably low rates that cannot be found anywhere. And then there is one other advantage, the payments are cashless, meaning that you won’t have to go through the hustle looking for or waiting for change. Everything is done on the app, from requesting the ride, choosing the sort of ride service down to the maps showing the most convenient routs to take you wherever you’re going.



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Uber Vehicle Options in Paris



UberGREEN vehicles are environmentally friendly and made in such a way that they emit as little carbon dioxide as possible. To do this, these cars are mostly electric or hybrid. Such vehicles also have quiet engines, and their own type of comfort and fluidity. The Nissan Leaf is a good example of an electric vehicle that’s used, while the Toyota Prius represents the hybrid. UberGREEN is available in Paris and the greater Paris, and there are charging stations all over where the electric cars can charge. The good thing about the electric cars, is that depending on where you’re charging them, they can charge up to 80% in only 20 minutes. When fully charged, they can run for up to 200Km.

How to Request an UberGREEN Ride


  • In your app, scroll down to the UberGREEN option
  • Select your destination and request for the ride
  • Wait for your ride to come and pick you up




The UberX vehicles are four doored vehicles with engines of lower than 1.6L. they fall in the most economic groups of cars alongside the UberGREEN, and their pricing is similar to UberGREEN.

How to Request UberX


  • In your app, select the destination
  • Under Economy tab, you’ll spot UberX
  • Wait for your ride to come and pick you up




This is a service whereby riders get matched based on their destinations by Uber, so that they can share a ride home. This brings the cost of the ride lower per rider since they all get to share the cost. Once you request for the ride, you’ll be notified of a corner where you can wait for the driver to come pick you up. This makes it faster and more convenient during the rush hour. Along the way, you might make other stops to pick up other riders accompanying you. You will be dropped at the corner nearest to your destination. You’re allowed to bring one visitor along with you at an extra cost.


How to Request UberPOOL Services


  • In the Uber app, go to pickup area and select pool
  • You’ll be notified of a nearby pickup, where the driver will pick you up. Along the way, you may pick up other riders along the way
  • You’ll be dropped off at a corner near your destination. Kindly note that pickup and drop off corners are optimized for your convenience.




Uber Berline is an Uber service where luxury vehicles are involved. The vehicles are required to be 4 years or newer, be dark in colour and have a leather interior. These are top of the range vehicles such as the Audi A8, Porsche, Mercedes Benz S class amongst others. This is a service for those that are after sheer luxury or are out to impress. Only the best drivers with a rating of 4.8 and above are allowed to drive on these trips.



How to Request


  • Enter your app and go to destination
  • As you choose your ride, scroll down to premium and then click on Uber Berline
  • Your Uber Berline ride will arrive to take you to your destination



This is a service that is similar to UberX but with a vehicle that carries more people, up to 6. This is a service that is ideal when you’re going out with friends, or with your family.


How to Request


  • Enter your app and go to destination
  • As you choose your ride, scroll down to premium and then click on UberVan
  • Your UberVan ride will be with you as shortly to take you to your destination


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Uber Paris Location


Fashion Center – 70 Avenue Victor Hugo, 2ème étage, 93300 Aubervilliers, France



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