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Uber drivers always aim to keep their passengers happy. Thanks to the five-star rating a system, drivers will often go that extra mile to make sure that their riders are comfortable, and riding in a clean car. Unlike many taxis, Uber drivers have a reason to offer a more reliable and pleasant experience, which is why it can be annoying when some of those old questions from our days of taxi journeys pop up from the back seat.


If you want to ensure that your own passenger rating stays high, and pay your Uber driver


Can you just stop here quick?


Uber drivers really don’t mind making stops along the way, but it’s always best to explain the route before you set off. Sometimes, it really isn’t as simple as waiting – especially in cities!


It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the cities have strict rules about parking, and it can be difficult to pull over last minute.

If you plan on stopping at an ATM during your journey, or you need to head to a friend’s place before you start your journey, just mention your plan at the beginning of your ride. Your Uber driver will be more than happy to oblige, and plan the route in advance. That way, you get the most efficient route, and your driver knows that he or she will definitely have a place to park while they wait for you to return, or for your friends to arrive.


Can we play my Spotify music?


Uber has now implemented a feature that allows riders to play their Spotify music through their driver’s car speakers, which can be a nice treat at times. However, there is a huge concern about this feature among Uber drivers.
Many are concerned that if they do not offer this service, they will receive poor feedback, even after providing a quality service. Loud music that the driver doesn’t enjoy can distract him or her from driving safely, and if you want to be the most polite rider you can be, don’t make your Spotify music a priority.


Can we just squeeze one extra person in?


It is illegal for more people than seats to ride in one vehicle. Your Uber driver will not want to risk losing bad feedback, which is why this question is so difficult. Breaking the law – and even the terms of their car insurance – can have huge consequences for your driver, so if you have an extra person, order an Uber XL!


Can I eat in here?


No matter how careful you think you might be, eating in a car leaves crumbs behind. If an Uber driver is offering 50 people a ride in one day, and half of them eat, the car will need cleaning by the end of that shift. How about the smell of pizza and chips that will remain in the car after the trip.


If it’s a long journey, your driver may well oblige, but for short journeys, perhaps just wait until you get to your destination!


Could you speed up?


Your driver can’t break speed limits, and will always attempt to take you to your destination as quickly as possible, regardless. If the driver get a fine or demerit points it’s not like he’ll pass on the bill or points to you just because you didn’t want to arrive late for your friends party.


Can I smoke in here?


Just because you smoke in your car, please be patient and polite not to ask to smoke in the Uber vehicle. Uber does not allow smoking in vehicles and the next rider maybe offended by the smell of smoke in the vehicle. Other passengers will be affected by second hand smoking that you are subjecting them so as to thirst your quench for a cigarette?


Can I drink beer in here?


Most people don’t drink beer in their own cars but once they order an uber they want to drink it. If we have an accident and the cops or insurance find beer bottle in it, the first assumption is that the accident is alcohol related and at times might be hard to prove it’s not the case. Can you please try on hold back on the alcohol for the trip duration and avoid making the driver allow you to drink so as not to get bad ratings.


Why do you driver Uber?


I drive Uber because of the freedom it gives me and for the convenience it provides. Generally the riders look upon driving uber as if it’s a filthy job yet when you ask them what the do or how much they are making, some of them are no better than an Uber driver. The majority of Uber drivers in Australia drive part time and have another job elsewhere, so this is just a side hustle.


Are most Drivers Ethnic?


Someone once asked me why most Uber drivers in Australia are either black or Asians mainly Indians…I really haven’t looked at the trend and was unable to get the stats from Uber regarding ethnicity of its drivers.


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