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Uber’s five-star rating system is implemented to ensure that drivers and riders have an almost fool proof way of ensuring that the best service can be provided. Drivers rate riders, so that other drivers can avoid picking up people who might cause problems.


When riders rate drivers, they are ensuring that Uber’s contractors are professional and provide a clean, safe experience for users.


If a user gets poor ratings from drivers, they can continue using Uber, but they will find it more difficult to have requests accepted by drivers. If a driver gets poor ratings, however, Uber will intervene and require him or her to undertake a costly training course.

Uber’s Driver Training Course


Drivers who have ratings that slip below 4.6 will be at risk of receiving communication from Uber, explaining that they are required to attend a training course at their own expense.


Uber uses a third-party firm called 7X7 Executive Transportation, who manage a training course for people in the transportation industry. Reports have described these course as taking four hours, and reiterating most of the information and rules that are provided to Uber drivers when they first sign up to work.


Attendees are shown a map of the city that they work in, some of the major land marks, and are introduced to some secrets to make driving in the city more convenient for their passengers.


Beyond basic training, however, the course is said to show Uber drivers how they can make their driving experience more enjoyable for the rider, suggesting they have bottles of water in their car, have some spare phone chargers handy and regularly clean their vehicle. Hygiene advice is even provided, telling Uber drivers not to wear deodorant that has a strong scene, so as to avoid being offensive to any drivers.


When the test is completed, according to a 2015 report from The Observer, the attendees are given a quiz with around 35 questions. If you pass the test, you will be reinstated with permission to drive for Uber – and if you fail, then you can take the test multiple times until you’re ready to be an Uber driver again.


According to the report, the test costs $60, and many people find themselves having to sit through it even when they do provide a good service to their clients. An anonymous Uber driver told the outlet that no matter how good they are, they do have bad days and can find themselves slipping below the 4.6 mark.

That could mean that, within just a few months of starting working for Uber, drivers could find themselves sitting through a training course that focuses largely on the customer experience, as opposed to the driver’s ability. This is unlike New York taxi training courses, or the famous test known as ‘The Knowledge’ which London black cab drivers are made to undertake.



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