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One of the worst nightmares that Uber drivers can have is having their accounts deactivated. The information is usually conveyed via email or through the Uber app. To worsen the situation, you were probably never warned and there was no explanation either. There are many reasons that lead to accounts being deactivated and we will be going through them in this article. The up side of the situation is that there are very good chances of having your account reactivated. Below are some of the reasons for account deactivation;

  • Star rating – when the star rating goes low, Uber will send you a warning. They will then review the quality of your services. When the ratings continue to remain below 4.6, your account will be deactivated.
  • Reckless or unsafe driving usually reported by passengers.
  • Expired documents – you should always ensure that your documents are up to date. These include your driver’s license, vehicle insurance and registration, and the vehicle inspection documents. You should update your account before the documents expire to stay on the safe side. Remember, Uber does not give you a notice that they are deactivating you.
  • Cancellation abuse – when you have too many ride cancellations, you will automatically be deactivated. This especially happens when drivers are trying to avoid low ride acceptance rates. They accept and cancel the ride almost immediately.
  • Policy violation – drug and alcohol abuse, violent behaviour and other illegal behaviours will lead to deactivation. You should stick to the code of conduct set by Uber.
  • Passenger complaints – there are instances where passengers go out of their way to complain about your services. You were probably rude or driving badly. This is taken very seriously by Uber and chances are that you might not be reactivated again.
  • Inactivity – if you are inactive for 90 days you’ll probably receive a warning before your account is deactivated.
  • Violating the Uber terms of service – this can include being picky with your customers, falsifying the hourly pay guarantees, falsifying the ratings and picking up of roadside customers.

I mentioned earlier that not every deactivation comes with an explanation. In this case, you can email Uber to find out the problem. This could take long before they get back to you and so patience will have to be observed. Once they get back to you and you still aren’t satisfied, demand for more explanation. Do not argue as this could dent your image.

In the past, Uber were deactivating accounts due to a low ride acceptance. If they deemed you to be accepting too few rides, you were flagged. As of this year, 1016, they no longer deactivate for that reason. Uber instead reaches out to you via text, informing you that your ride acceptance is low. Failure for you to increase the ride acceptance rate could lead to Uber temporarily locking you out of their app. That should be a wakeup call that you need to pull up your socks.




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