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As an Uber driver in Australia, there are many incentives that you can expect to get. For starters, you are your own business and get to work as per your schedule. There is no pressure to work and you can choose when to drive. This is probably the biggest plus of being an Uber driver partner. There are other incentives and we are going to take a look at them in this article. These incentives encourage the drivers to work with Uber. The incentives are offered both on weekdays and weekends.

  1. Referrals – the drivers can get incentives when someone downloads the Uber app and uses their referral codes. The referrals work when either a rider or a driver join the Uber network and complete the required minimum trips. With considerable referrals, the drivers can make good money from Uber.
  2. Boost – with this new incentive, the trip fair for a ride in designated hotspot areas is multiplied by a guaranteed boost. This boost also applies for specific hours and counts for UberX or UberPOOL trips. By hotspot, we mean an area that has a high demand for trips and in the app it has a red border around it on the map. All trips that begin there qualify for a boost. To check your boost, go to your app and click on the promotions tab that is located in the earnings. It is also good to note that service fee does not apply to the boost. The boost also varies depending on different hotspots.
  3. Bonuses – drivers qualify for cash bonuses when they complete a certain number of trips. For example, if you complete two hundred trips within four weeks, you automatically qualify for a handsome cash reward.
  4. Uber fuel card – with this card, the driver gets guaranteed fuel discounts from select petrol stations up to 30% off.
  5. Exclusive perks – Uber has several partners that they work with in Australia and the drivers can get exclusive vehicle related and lifestyle benefits. The servicing packages are very attractive and you can save hundreds of dollars you can use elsewhere. All that you have to do as a driver is to show them your exclusive in-app tabs and you get the benefits.
  6. Uber helps drivers to cover the cost of the vehicles through vehicle financing. The financing also comes in handy for the maintenance and insurance of the cars. Imagine all this for a couple of hours driving per week. Note that this incentive applies to new cars and new driving partners.

With all of these incentives, the best thing that anyone can do is to sign up as a driver right away. You not only get the incentives, but you get to work and make money in your free time. You can choose whether to drive full time or part time as an Uber driver, because with Uber you are your own boss. Take full advantage of the incentives that Uber Australia offers it’s driving partners.




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