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Imagine trying to make your way home, but the only customers that you’re getting are going in the opposite direction. That can be quite frustrating for you as an Uber driver. There’s always the option of logging out from the Uber app and going home, but that will mean making the journey without getting paid. You don’t want to drive all those miles without making money, and especially if this is your full-time job. Uber drivers in Australia and across the globe have been asking for a destination filter, something that can connect them with passengers that are headed in their direction. Well, there is good news because Uber have now come up with a destination filter.

Uber has been in the process of rolling out a destination filter in their app. This filter will connect drivers with passengers that are going in their direction. It is meant to ease the woes of the drivers, although some claim that it takes longer to pair with customers when it is enabled. There is also a limitation on the number of times that it can be used per day, which is two. Belo, we are going to outline how to use the destination filter in your Uber app.

  1. In the upper left corner of your Uber app, click on the clipboard tab.


Uber app tab ezydriver


















2.  There is a plus (+) tub next to the ‘Set Destination’ tab that you will click on.


uber app destination ezydriver


3. Input your destination and when that is successfully done, it should appear in your map as a pin. There will appear a message indicating, ‘finding matching trip’. Note that the app will know how many times you have used this feature per day.


uber app destination address ezydriver


Using the destination filter only twice per day might come as bad news to some drivers, because they would have preferred to choose their destinations throughout the day. The main purpose of this Uber destination filter is to get you home while you get paid at the same time. It is not for planning every trip that you make.

It is good to note that once you set off for your destination but only get halfway there, the destination filter will remain turned on, only turning off once you arrive your destination or nearby. There is a trick to getting passengers faster once you have set your destination. Sitting in one location could take you forever, but once you start driving towards the destination, it becomes more likely to get passengers. The destination filter also works very efficiently when the destination is set to common places that people go to such as airports.

Not every city in Australia has the destination filter enabled. You can check if your city is included by checking in the upper left corner of your Uber app to see if the clipboard tab is there. If you see it there it means that the destination filter is active in your city. If it is not yet there, do not sweat it out, Uber is gradually spreading it out across all the cities where it operates.


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