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New Rules


Uber has come out with a new set of rules that will mainly focus on the passengers and partly the driver. Drivers in the past have complained that Uber revers passengers and completely ignores them, but this new set of rules could be a breather for them. The rules mainly focus around safety, sex and vandalism. Passengers that go against the new rules will have their accounts banned from the service. The new guidelines are aimed at straightening out erratic behaviour in some of the passengers. Below we are going to look at the new rules in detail.

Firstly, we are going to look into sexual behaviour. It is prohibited for passengers to have sex in the car during Uber rides. This especially happens in the evenings when the passengers are coming from entertainment joints and are probably intoxicated. Not only is sex prohibited, but passengers are not allowed to flirt in the car or touch each other in suggestive ways in the car. When the drivers report such behaviour, Uber will automatically ban the users. Information from Uber said that they have a zero-tolerance policy on sexual conduct. Sexual conduct with drivers is also prohibited and should information reach Uber that the drivers and the passengers are flirting, they could both face a ban once investigated.

Once a ride is done with, the passenger or driver should not look for each other. It is illegal to either text, call or visit the other and should Uber find any evidence that this has been going on, you will be banned from using the rideshare services. The use of abusive language between both the drivers and the passengers, including gestures, are prohibited.

Vandalism is yet another thing that has been banned by Uber. This will include causing damage to property belonging to other passengers or the driver. Uber is trying to make a reputable brand and will not tolerate such behaviour from wither the drivers or the passengers. Other habits that are not tolerated by Uber include vomiting, smoking and spilling food and drinks in the cars. These are usually because of being too intoxicated.

There have been cases of passengers trying to force the drivers to break traffic rules. They are probably late for a meeting or something of the sort, leading to impatience. The best solution for this is requesting for your ride early enough. Trying to coerce the drivers to break the rules will have your account terminated. Traffic offences include speeding, jumping traffic lights or making wrong turns.

Drivers also face being banned if they partake in illegal activities. This could include things like trafficking of minors, drug trafficking and sexually abusing minors. Uber is very clear about their community guidelines and has vowed to fight such behaviours to the tooth.

Despite all the guidelines, it is good to note that Uber just have our best interests at heart, both as drivers and riders. They expect us to respect each other as we both benefit from the business. It is sad to note that you will still find some people being banned from the ridesharing service for the above things.


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