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You might be wondering what UberEats Australia is all about,  it’s a platform that brings your favourite restaurants to where you are through Uber’s delivery service. It is simple and saves you time since you can continue doing what you were doing as the food is prepared and delivered.  This service is offered in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. The service will spread to other cities in the country with time.

To begin using the service you are required to download the app from the app store onto your mobile device and then add the address of the place you would like the meal delivered. Within the app, there is a list of all your favourite restaurants along with their menus. You get to pick the meals of your choice and place the order right there in the app. In the app you will see the booking fee along with the price of the food. The booking fee that UberEats Australia charges for the deliveries covers operational costs.

At times you might come across an extra fee,  this is  usually in the particularly busy UberEats areas. There could be more orders than the delivery partners and it ensures reliability of the service. This means that you will still get your food delivered in time. You should note that there is a difference between the booking fee and the extra fee. The booking fee is  charged every time that you use the UberEats Australia service while the extra fee is only applied if the particular location is busy. The extra fee is removed when the particular location is not too busy. These fees can both be found when you click on the particular restaurant that you would like to order from. The extra fees are calculated based on the number of orders versus the delivery partners in a particular area. The extra fee does not appear in areas that aren’t busy.

When ordering the food, there is a provision to add special instructions for your orders. This way the restaurants will know your preferences especially if you have conditions like allergies or would prefer more seasoning and such.

In the case that you have a problem with your UberEats Australia order, you can reach out to support right there in the app and they will sort you out immediately.


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The couriers will bring your order to where you are. You have no obligation to go and meet them outside of your destination. They will deliver the order right to your living room or office. It is also good to note that tipping is not expected. Instead you can rate the service in the app store. You can track your orders and make your UberEats Australia payments through the app.

Your UberEats app has a promo code that can be found in the app. In the hamburger icon at the top, tap on free food. You can share this promo code with friends and the moment that your friends make a purchase via UberEats using it, you qualify for a discount. The discount is only valid for UberEats Australia.




• UberEATS delivery partners need to be a minimum of 18 years old to deliver using bicycle or scooter
• UberEATS drivers need to be 21 years old and holder of a full license
• UberEATS drivers will get a ping on their partner app, once you accept the pickup request, the pick destination will appear on the app including any instructions the food outlet may have regarding parking spots or what to do once you arrive.
• On arrival you info the food outlet the order number and you’ll receive the order which you then put in the carrier bag you would have received at the time of joining UberEATS. This bag also retains the smell of food hence your car does not smell of pizzas or chips you might have delivered earlier.
• You then swipe your partner app to confirm you have received the order and the delivery destination will appear and you can commence the journey to the delivery location.
• There is no in-app tipping – just like regular Uber. You can accept unsolicited tips
• You can’t drive for UberEATS and UberX at the same time



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