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In most cases when one uses their Uber app, they assume that you are requesting for an Uber driver to come and pick you up in their own vehicle. Uber has rolled out another service known as UberTaxi. With this service, you hail a licensed taxi within the city from a reputable company. Using the cashless payment via your app, you will be required to pay between $1 and $2 as a booking fee. The standard taxicab meter rates will apply as well as a 20% tip. There is also a $2 cancellation fee if you decide to cancel the service five minutes after your request. The big question here is, why would Uber roll out UberTaxi when they already have UberX, UberXL, UberBlack and the other services that they offer? UberX is probably the most used of the services since it consists of non-luxury vehicles, meaning it is the cheapest.


There are instances when UberTaxi is the better or only option for loyal Uber users as mentioned below.


Airport Transfers: 

there are many airports that limit the use of UberX services within their grounds for some reason or the other, and the local taxi companies are the only option. Many of these companies pay             annual airport entrance and parking fees and are therefore more convenient. UberTaxi comes in handy because you can hail one of the taxis using your app. It is more convenient than going            out to look for a taxi and you are probably bogged down with luggage. Uber will get you the nearest licensed taxi to pick you up at the curb. The downside is that at times you can wait for a                  while before the designated taxi arrives and yet you can see plenty of free taxis at the curb.


City Restrictions:

There are some cities that insist only a certain number of UberX vehicles can be on their roads at some given time. There even other cities that have completely banned Uber services from                  using their roads. Uber found the solution for you by coming up with UberTaxi. You will be able to get the nearest licensed taxi using your Uber app.


Please note that UberTaxi is still in the process of rolling out and might not be available in your city. The moment that Uber gets partnerships with the local taxi companies, you’ll definitely see it there. One of the advantages of UberTaxi is the fact that you can see the route you’re taking through the app. There are taxi drivers who take advantage of visitors and use the longest routes to the destination.


Overall, I think that UberTaxi is a service that is meant to keep their presence in cities where Uber services are restricted and banned. It involves a cashless payment system through the app, which is a relief to many because it saves you the hustle of taking out money and then wasting time as the driver looks for change. You just thank the driver, say goodbye and you’re done. Well, there you have it. Log into your app and try out the UberTaxi services.


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