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If you live in Manila, we have good news from Uber because you can now become an Uber driver or partner. There are however some requirements that you’ll need to meet, and there is also a process that you’ll have to follow. Those are the things that we are going to discuss in this articles, the ultimate guide to becoming an Uber driver or partner.



Step 1: Signup on the Uber Network


This is the very first thing that you should do, and it can be done here. Here you’ll be required to choose the country and the city that you would like to drive in. In your case, the city would be Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. While here, you’ll also be required to indicate your vehicle type as well as your partner type. Below we are going to look at a list of the vehicles that are accepted by Uber in Manila. Before we do that, there are a couple of things that you should note:


  • Uber Manila does not accept vans and pickups
  • It is not a must to have a new car, but it should be at least three years of newer from the time of application, based on the vehicle registration in your ORCR
  • If you’re not sure of your vehicles make and model, or whether if falls under UberX or UberBlack, you can email Uber directly here, partnersmanila@uber.com, for clarification
  • Uber accepts vehicles of all colours and not necessarily black
  • Uber don’t have an engine displacement requirement
  • For hatchbacks, it would be important for you to email Uber here, mailto:partnersmanila@uber.com, because it is still subject to reconsideration


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These are four door mid-size sedans, sub-compact SUV’s and AUV’s ranging from the likes of the Ford EcoSport, Chevrolet Cruze, Isuzu Crosswind to the Vios. Their engines are basically 1.6L and below, which is what categorizes them as UberX. It should be 2013 or newer and it can be used for up to seven years after accreditation. The UberX pricing is as below:


  • Minimum: Php 40
  • Base Fare: Php 40
  • Per Minute Rate: Php 2 per minute
  • Per Kilometer Rate: Php 5.7 per kilometer
  • Cancellation made after more than 5 minutes: 100Php




Full size sedans, SUV’s and luxury vehicles fall into this category. Examples of some of the cars that can be used include the Ford Everest, Mercedes Benz E-class and the Toyota Prado Landcruiser. They should all come with a displacement of 1.6L and above, and they should have been registered in 2013 or newer. Like UberX, they can be used for 7 years after accreditation. The UberBlack pricing is as below:


  • Minimum: Php 120
  • Base Fare: Php 90
  • Per Minute Rate: Php 2.45 per minute
  • Per Kilometer Rate: Php 13.75 per kilometer
  • Cancellation made after more than 5 minutes: Php 100

Partner Account Types


There are basically two types of partner accounts that you will choose from here. If you own your own vehicle and would like to drive it, you would choose a Partner-Driver Account type. With this account, you will not be allowed to let another driver drive your car for you. If you won a vehicle but intend to hire a driver/s, you would choose a Partner-Operator Account. With this account, you can hire multiple drivers and also own many vehicles. You can also choose to drive yourself, if you so wish. One can always start off with the Partner-Driver account and then upgrade to the Partner-Operator account once they feel they need to grow.


Upon signup, you will be asked for a business name. this is so because Uber is regulated by LTFRB, where by the release CPC franchise to business entities. You can register your business through DTI online, since it is one off the requirements for LTFRB accreditation. You can first sign up as a partner and once you have your business permits, you can register the business. There is one important tip, as long as name in the Proof of Registration and Proof of Insurance is the same one, you can enrol a vehicle even if it is not registered in your name. you can access your user dashboard here.

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Step 2: Register Bank Details


This is the next step and it is very important that you make sure that the details are correct. This is because Uber will be releasing your payouts to your bank account and a slight error could cause unnecessary delays. Payouts are usually done on a weekly basis, and most banks usually charge a fee. Make sure that the amount you are requesting is less than the actual amount in your Uber account so that the excess covers the charges. The payout cut off is at 4pm every Monday and the payout statement released every Monday at 6pm. All times are Philippine time. Click on the banking icon and you will be directed to your vault. Below are some of the things that you should note:


  • The name of the bank account must be the same as the name that you registered with
  • The Uber account name does not have to match the name of the bank account
  • You can get your SWIFT/ BIN bank codes here


Some of the best banks to receive your Uber payments are:


  • Eastwest – said to have the lowest rates according to some
  • Metro Bank
  • BPI
  • BDO
  • PNB
  • RCBC
  • AUB

Step 3: Enrol a Driver


You are now ready to enrol your driver/s but there are a few things that will be required of the driver as listed below:


  • Name
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Cell phone number
  • Email


You can create the profile for your driver and fill in the details. There are also three documents that are a must have for the driver in order to qualify for Uber, namely:


  • Professional Driver’s Licence
  • NBI Clearance
  • PNP Clearance, which is required for LTFRB compliance


You can put the driver details and upload their documents via this process, Go to Settings > Fleet > Driver’s List > Click on the Driver’s Name.


There are some important things that you should note:


  • You can add as many drivers as you wish
  • If you intend to drive, don’t add your details here. Do so in your profile page
  • The unique emails and passwords will be used to login to their Uber apps
  • An accurate contact number is needed as this is the one the riders will call the driver on


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Step 4: Enrol a Vehicle


The drivers that you have enrolled will need vehicles to drive, and so enrolling vehicles is the next step. As you add the vehicle, you will need to indicate the model numbers, makes, year of manufacture and the colours of both the interior and exterior. There are also a couple of documents that you’ll have to upload, as below:


  1. Vehicle Registration: these include the OR and CR, but in the case, that they aren’t yet ready, you can update them later. Go ahead and upload the sales invoice first.
  2. Vehicle Insurance: This could be comprehensive or TPL
  3. Photos of Vehicle: It is important to take photos of the front and rear external of the vehicle, the license/ CS clearly visible. Inside the car, you will also photograph the dashboard and the back seat.
  4. PAMI Insurance: once you have given in your TNVS requirements, Uber should process this for you quickly
  5. Provisional Authority/ Certificate of Public Convenience: You’ll get these once you’ve submitted your TNVS to Uber and submit them then


There are some important notes to look out for:


  • Ensure that the documents are clear and valid. Double check the dates
  • The car should be 2013 or newer
  • Add as many cars as you have
  • The Proof of Registration and Proof of Insurance must be the same, but does not have to be the same as the Uber account name
  • A Passenger Accident Insurance fee of Php 165/ passenger/ year is deducted on the first payout by Uber as per the number of seats in the car
  • As long as the name in the Proof of Registration and Proof of Insurance is the same, you can enrol a car that is not under your name


Step 5: Driver On-Boarding/ Orientation


You’ve got everything ready and feel that you’re now ready to drive.  Before doing that, it is important to visit one of the Uber offices in Taguig or Quezon city for orientation and on-boarding. They are both walk in offices, within the given hours, and your background checks and results will be ready within a week. You can go for onboarding as soon as you upload your documents. There is no need to wait for your status to become active, and you don’t have to take the car for inspection.





  • Address: 11/F SM Aura Tower, BGC
  • Monday – Friday: 8am, 10am and 5pm (except non-working holidays)
  • Saturday: 10am (except non-working holidays)




  • Address: Regus, 5th Floor Gateway Tower, Gen. Roxas Avenue cor. Gen. Aguinaldo Avenue, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City, Manila
  • Monday – Friday: 11am to 6pm (except non-working holidays)




  • Make sure that you uploaded all the necessary documents and carry those that you did not, including, a valid Professional Driver’s License or government-issued photo ID. You’ll still have to bring along your Professional Driver’s License
  • As per office policy, do not come in shorts and/ or slippers
  • Carry an extra identification document to leave at the reception
  • Only drivers to attend


Step 6: Download the Uber App


You will need to purchase your own smartphone or tablet, mid-range to high end, so that you can download the Uber app. This is where you’ll monitor everything regarding your account. Only driver and driver-partner accounts will be allowed to login to the app. If you’re a partner, you can sign in using your driver’s details. You can also monitor the trips of your drivers on the partner dashboard on the web. You will need a consistent data plan throughout your work. We would recommend the Smart BigBytes 1.75 GB data plan for Manilla, although it might not be enough.



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Uber Manila Location


Unit 101 Ground Floor,, Sto. Cristo, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines


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